A Buyers Guide to Motor Scooters!

In the 1950s companies like Vespa in the UK started selling the first of their gas motor scooters. It was a big hit at the 1950 Motorcycle Show and quickly became a big hit in the UK as well. Vespa sold over 125, 000 in the UK involving the years of 1950 to 1958. Piaggio from Vespa and Lambretta from Innocenti started promoting their models in Italy and Portugal too, quickly becoming the vehicles that everyone had to have. With the early 1950s the sale of motor scooters topped 1 million a year in Portugal alone. Because of its popularity other countries such as France and Germany decided to get involved to the boom by manufacturing their own models. Go here to learn more about ciclomotor.

Today, after greater than 50 years since the very first gas scooters appeared, there are many different makes and models. We have electric, gas powered, foldable, mobility and utility motor scooters dotting the globe. There are specialized scooters for just about every task. They have become a worldwide phenomenon because they are cheap to own, economical to operate, are very handy and functional, and most of all they are a lot of fun. But with all of the makes and models what kind is right for you?

Let start with the different varieties. Gas motor scooters are the fastest around. They will take you longer distances and reach higher transfers than any of the additional varieties. There are smaller and lighter models that will be perfect for running errands around town while the larger and heavier touring models will take you on longer outings. Plus, the larger the gas tank the farther you can journey before needing to stop at a service station.

Electric varieties are a little more economical to run, but will usually journey only about 10 or 15 miles before needing a recharge. Their battery capacity has improved dramatically over the years, but they cannot be taken meant for long trips due to the fact that their batteries will need recharging periodically. However , for short trips across the city they are wonderful little vehicles. Plus, most scooters have a large storage capacity under the seat so that they are ideal for outings to the grocery store or meant for other light shopping sprees.

The elderly or handicapped typically use what is referred to as mobility scooters. These are usually electric models and have 3 or 4 wheels for extra stability. These models give the older folk or disabled the ability to get about in their homes or around the neighborhood more easily. With out mobility scooters many of the disability-impaired would be confined to their beds.

Another very popular type is the foldable scooter. These are very small and they are made for short outings around town. They are particularly popular among the younger crowds. The beauty of these models is they are really compact and can be collapsed for storage in small places. If you work just a couple of miles from your home you can travel to work on your folding scooter after which fold it up and put it underneath your desk at your workplace. Extremely handy. For more info visit scooter.

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